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Inspired by: Terry Weaver

Club secretaries should perform the following tasks to properly identify club officers in DACdb and generally keep DACdb up to date.

  1. Add and identify the person newly named to the President train (Nominee-Designate (PND), Nominee (PN), or Elect (PE)), Secretary-Elect (SE) and, Treasurer-Elect (TE) to your 2020-21 (current year) Club Officers.
  2. Add other club officers as appropriate.
  3. Change your committee OrgYear to 2021-22 and make sure Club committees are properly defined and populated.
  4. Review “Club Information” and make certain location and contact information are correct and please make certain the “Club Website” link works correctly.
  5. Review files stored in “Club FILES” and remove any that are no longer needed.
  6. Archive ezBulletins that are out of date.
  7. In My Club, Club Members, RI Integration use Member Compare, Club Officer Compare and Club Info Compare to make certain information kept by Rotary International is the same as that in DACdb. This is a good way to make sure Club Officers information is correct at RI so that your club officers get appropriate email from RI.