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Another month where the value of YOUR District and Club management software has been improved with new features.

Prompted by District needs during PETS (Presidents-Elect Training Seminar) we have added the ability to print badges by Role Key. You must include a “What is your Role?” type question in the PETS calendar event which is common in most PETS registration pages. THEN when you print name badges you can designate which question is the “Role Question” and which “Roles” returned by that question you want to print name badges for.

Many of you PDGs or District Secretaries out there may remember needing to sort name badges by role so that you can include them with seminar materials by role. This will allow you to print those by the groups that you need them. EXCELLENT improvement Mark! Thanks!

This next product improvement is also born out of a need while printing badges during PETS season. You can limit badge printing by DISTRICT so that you can print name badges in groups by district or districts. You new leaders SURELY do have it easy now!

The above are also examples of the many product improvements that come from a simple request for enhancing feature to make doing your tasks easier than ever!

Yet ANOTHER additional enhancement to printing name badges for an event is that you can now print the Member Schedule for that event ON the badge!

AND, to enhance the use of Member Schedules you can now look them up!







To use the product update that helps you manage Satellite Club leadership succession in DACdb (using new Role Keys CN, CE and, C) the promotion sequence must be entered. Open District Setup, then click on the Club tab and enter the promotion sequence (starting with a vertical bar (upper case \) and remember to click on SAVE at the top of the page.