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Need a way to keep track of multiple flag purchases from your sponsors?

Spring is now here and your club may be looking to display flags for upcoming holidays or events. DACdb registration now allows for you to keep track of sponsor flag purchases for these types of events!

Flag Registrations Release Note – May 2019

Summary – Flag Registrations

DACdb has added a new registration question type to support flag registrations.  With Memorial Day and July 4th coming up, several clubs use the registration system to capture sponsor purchases of flags that are displayed in parks or at individual houses.  The ability to capture multiple purchases has always been a problem.

There is now a new “special question” type to enable these types of purchases. The question allows any number of flags to be sponsored/purchased based on a price per flag set by the club.

How does this work?

Select the “Flag” event question type under the Question tab when creating/editing a registration question.  The new “Flag” question is under the Special Question list on the right side.

There are two presentation options for this question when you select this question type:

The choice is basically between a simple honoree name entry and an honoree name entry that identifies the first, last an suffix.  Your selection will probably be determined on the tag or certificate (if any) associated with each flag that is created and displayed.


When the question is displayed,  both presentation options will be displayed as shown below.  The major difference is the question information appears ABOVE the flag entry – primarily to solve the horizontal space issues.


The registration backroom will display the quantity, cost and total information in the respective cell.  However, since any number of flags can be sponsored/purchased, the individual flag data is not shown in the cell.

Pencil Edit

When the registration record is the result of a Flag question, it will list the sponsor names and give you an option to make edits:

When you click on Edit, all the flags will be listed and information can be edited.  Click the UPDATE button to save the changes:

Registration Views

To support the 1 to many flag registrations – a new “Flag View” registration view was created.  This view will provide either a summary or a detailed view of the flag registrations.  This list can be exported to Word or Excel.   Most likely, you will use Word’s mail merge features to produce the tags associated with each flag.

It should be noted that the sponsor name – the person that made the registration will be listed next to each flag sponsored.  That means if 2 flags were sponsored there will be two rows of data.  This is normal and expected and done to faciliate the data export to Word and/or Excel.