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DACdb Mobile Website

The DACdb mobile website has been specially designed to run on a smartphone (iPhone, Androids, Blackberry, etc.). While it will run on a normal web browser on your iPad/tablet or PC, the experience has been tailored for smartphones. The DACdb Mobile website is not a clone of, or a replacement for, the main DACdb website. It is a compliment to the main site – allowing users to quickly get information from the database when they are away from their computers.

Most of the functionality is read-only – if you want to edit your member record, register for events or send PMails, you still need to use the main DACdb website.

DaCdb Mobile can be reached at the URL:

Instructions for how to add an icon to your mobile device can be found at:


DACdb Mobile uses the same login name and password as you use on the main DACdb site. Changing your login credentials on DACdb, also means you must use the new credentials on the mobile site. Once logged in, a clean smartphone-optimized interface is displayed, allowing users to quickly drill down to information on their Club, District, Their own data, and to administer their mobile experience. Each area will be discussed in more detail below.

The interface supports standard touch-screen inputs such as Tapping and Swiping. Of course, you can also use a stylus, or even a mouse if you decided to use the mobile site from a computer.

Most pages will have a Back and Home button at the top in the header area. You may use these buttons to navigate back a page, or quickly jump back to the Home Screen.

Example of the Back and Home buttons

The user interface can be “Themed” in several different color schemes depending on your taste. The default color scheme is called “b” and is the Theme used for these screen shots. Color Themes will be discussed later in this document.


You can login to DaCdb Mobile with the same username and password you use on the main DaCdb site.
The club number is optional for levels 1-4, and is a required entry for level-5+ security levels. Leave the field blank if you are not entering it.

Home Screen

The Home Screen is the first screen you will see once logged in to DACdb Mobile. From this screen you can easily access all the features of the mobile website.

The first button is “Find Member” – this will allow you to quickly search your district for members by Name, Business or Email address.
There are expandable menu items (denoted with a “+”) for MyClub, District, MyData and Admin. Simply tapping on each menu will expand it, displaying its sub-options.

The final button on the Home Screen is the Logout button.

Each section is covered in more detail below.

Find Member

On the Find Member screen you can type in a partial Name, Business Name, or Email address of any user in your District to quickly and easily find them. You can then tap on their name and go directly to their profile.
The system will return up to 10 records based on the search criteria entered.


Expanding the MyClub menu on the Home Screen reveals numerous sub-menu items. Most are self-explanatory and function in the same way.
The MyClub Menu items at launch are:

  • Leadership
    • Information
    • Committees
    • Members
    • Events
    • Story
    • Birthdays
    • Spouse Birthdays
    • Anniversaries


As an example of one of the MyClub items, we will look at Leadership.

When the Leadership sub-menu item is click, your club’s leadership will be displayed. The club leaders are displayed in the same order as they are on the View Club page on the main DaCdb website.

You can click on the each of the Club Leaders to view their profile.


Expanding the District menu on the Home Screen reveals numerous sub-menu items. Most are self-explanatory and function in the same way.

The District Menu items are:

  • Committees
    • Events
    • Story
    • Birthdays
    • Spouse Birthdays
    • Anniversaries


Expanding the MyData menu on the Home Screen reveals numerous sub-menu items. Most are self-explanatory and function in the same way.
The MyData Menu items at launch are:

  • Your Username (the user’s name is displayed)
    • My Attendance
    • Record a Makeup

Your Username (Your Profile)

The first sub-menu item under MyData is a link to your profile. The button name is actually your username – so will differ for every user.
To view your profile, simply tap on the button with your username.

Every member has the same profile view.

From the member profile screen you may:

  • See general information on the member
    • Tap on a member’s email address to email them (note: this is email from your phone’s email client – not Pmail)
    • Tap on one of the member’s phone numbers to call them right from your smartphone.

My Attendance

If you use the Premium Club module, you may view your attendance records since the beginning of the Org Year.

Clicking on a particular meeting date will display details about your attendance at that meeting, such as:

  • Whether you attended or not
    • Your Member Type at the time of the meeting
    • Your Meal Code
    • Any Notes

Record a Makeup

If you use the Premium Club module, you may record a Makeup right from DaCdb Mobile.
If you are a sec lvl-3+ user, you may enter Make-ups for other members of your club.


Expanding the Admin menu on the Home Screen reveals its sub-menu items.

The Admin Menu item includes:
• Switch. This allows you to change to other users or clubs (if you have the appropriate security level).
• Configuration. Currently this allows you to change the display of thumbnail images on the mobile site.
• Color Theme. This allows you to change the color of the mobile site.

Target Devices

DACdb Mobile uses a mobile framework technology that runs across all popular smartphone and tablet platforms. Also, as you might expect, the same URL can be accessed from your iPad, Zoom, Playbook or even your PC. Your experience will vary greatly based on each of the devices. Over time, we will also add enhancements to the site to take advantage of tablet resolution size, but for now, the target platforms are mobile phones with constrained screen resolutions.