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Just a caution about some potential scams that may show up in your “Snail” mailbox.

This can happen whether we maintain your domain registration as part of our Website offerings or if you have retained domain registration responsibility.

The person at the address for your Website Domain registration can get one of a series of malicious letters concerning your website domain ( is an example of a domain name). The one shown below is from a “Listing” company that wants $228 to add this domain to a listing of other domains to make this website easier to find. DO NOT respond to the letter. These unsolicited mail items are sent to try to make people think that they’re about to lose their website if they DO NOT send them money.

Another scam letter states that your Domain Registration is about to expire and that you MUST send them money to renew your domain name registration. This is probably the more pernicious of the two situations but please, don’t renew your registration with these people. They will typically want about $50 to register a domain name that doesn’t cost over $10 to renew.

BOTH of these types of letters are sent to contacts contained in your domain’s registration information that can be searched on  MOST registrars provide a service to hide the name and contact information for the domains that they manage (called WhoIs Guard by some registrars). Please engage these add on products to reduce the amount of potentially malicious mail you receive via this mechanism.