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Event Registration – Your Changes Implemented!

ONE link… give me JUST ONE link to register BOTH Rotarians and non-member guests! That now exists!

The “External Public Link” opens a window where the prospective registrant can select whether they are a Member or a Guest:

Ever wish you could register the public but NOT members of Rotary? Well, now you can!

Open the Calendar, click on “Manage Event” then click on “Options” and select YES in the drop down box to “Allow only Guests Registration”. If you do that then only the “Guest Registration” panel will be displayed as shown above.

Limit Checks to Members

Have you ever thought, “Gee, for payment I’d like to accept a check from my members but I don’t want to risk taking a check from the non-Rotarian public.” Well, NOW you have the option to ONLY accept checks from Rotary members.

Click on “Manage Event” beside the event you want to edit, then click on “Payments”.

Click on the yellow pencil icon to edit the “Payment Gateway Configuration”.

Then click on the “Check” tab and in the “Checks Accepted” drop down box select “Yes, but Member Only (not public). Then click on “Update Event” so you changes are saved.

Pay “On Account” is now possible (requires the Finance Extension).

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put event registration fees on your normal club account, to be paid with the next Club invoice? Well now you can set that up in the “Payments” tab Edit Payment Gateway Configuration panel of an event.

If you click on Yes in the Enable On Account drop down box attendees can have their event fees added to their club invoice.


When you first ADD a new Event you must now also indicate the time zone in which the event is taking place.

There are Many other fixes and minor improvements that you will find as you explore Event Registration.