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Not just your typical Membership Database Software!

Experience the perfect solution designed by Rotarians for Rotary Organizations…Clubs, Districts, Zones, Rotaract, Rotary Action Groups (RAGS) Fellowships, RYLA, RLI & More.

We offer flexibility, enhanced functionality, and budget-friendly extensions.

Built by Rotarians, for Rotarians

Did You Know?

You have probably found that DACdb is an incredibly robust Membership Management platform. And we always appreciate your feedback to us for continuous improvements to the DACdb system. Without your input, we could not have a system that is built for Rotarians by Rotarians.

But here is something that you may be unaware of. DACdb is not just for Rotary! Yes, if you are part of another membership organization and wishing that you could have the functionality of DACdb in that organization, the good news is that YES YOU CAN. DACdb has a sister product called iMembersDB that is almost everything of DACdb without the Rotary specific adaptations. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Yes, iMembersDB supports quite a few organizations besides Rotary and we are looking to add more organizations all the time. For example, any Rotary Fellowships and Rotary Action Groups may have the need for iMembersDB. Or your Faith organization, or your Yacht Club, or… The list is endless. We figured, who would be well in the know about these opportunities other than our own well-connected Rotarians. So if you are aware of any other organizations that have been looking for a like-DACdb solution for managing their membership, events, committees, registrations, and all of the other great functions of DACdb, please, use this link to book time with our team: Learn more….