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New User Interface Shortcuts Ease Navigation

How do you arrange a shortcut?

In the new user interface there is a handy dandy shortcut feature that will save you time as you navigate between components within DACdb.

If you haven’t explored the new user interface before now, see the related article in this month’s section of “in case you missed it” on how to switch between the classic and the new interface.

If you find yourself muttering something along the lines, “sure wish I didn’t have to go all the way back to My Club every time I want to switch from my club members to the calendar,” we have a solution for you.

When you open My Club in the new user interface, you open a new, more flexible tool. First, you can shift the icons around to position your most frequently used items up top. The first six become shortcuts on the left side bar when you move to other parts of DACdb.

Second, you can vary the shortcuts between your Club Shortcuts and your District Shortcuts. For example, keeping Find Member available on one set instead of both frees up one more slot among the shortcuts:

Before:              After:   

We encourage you to spend a few minutes giving thought to where you go most often in DACdb and positioning those icons among your top six Club and District shortcuts. We believe you will discover a much easier means with which to navigate throughout DACdb. And as the year unfolds and you find yourself frequenting a different area, slide the icons around to accommodate your changing needs.