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Experience the perfect solution designed by Rotarians for Rotary Organizations…Clubs, Districts, Zones, Rotaract, Rotary Action Groups (RAGS) Fellowships, RYLA, RLI & More.

We offer flexibility, enhanced functionality, and budget-friendly extensions.

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What People Are Saying


I'm not sure how DG's functioned before DACdb... I remain amazed at how we can have people scattered around the world communicating and sharing documents real-time.


Gary Goforth

6960 - Past District Governor

Paul Nibur

5230 - Rotary Club of Clovis, CA


The DACdb support team is committed to all of our success. I'm excited, for all of our clubs, about the new and exciting things happening. You couldn't have come online at a better


Brice Wolford

6890 - New Tampa Rotary Club


I have been a DACdb user ever since our district purchased it for our local clubs to use. I love it!


Melissa Earnest

6710 - Princeton Rotary Club


WOW! I really like the mobile version of our new website. Very user friendly.


Ron Wiens

6400 - Past President - Southgate Rotary Club


Thanks. You have the best customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you so much. 


Liz Degner

5110 - Springfield, OR


We Listen, We Develop and We Support

We continue to listen to our Districts and Clubs. We continue to develop DACdb to their requirements and needs. We most importantly support them, thus allowing our Districts and Clubs to do good in the world.

Rotary International Convention 2018. Toronto Canada

Lin Kelly, Interviewer     Leigh Perry, D6710    Sam Hummelstein, D6150


DACdb’s powerful and integrated suite of software that makes all of the functions of member management seamless and easy. Our cloud-based solution helps your organization effectively communicate and engage with membership while making management of individual profiles, events, and more, as easy as a few clicks with lightning-fast response time.

DACdb’s system automates the many processes essential to the daily operation of your organization, all in one centralized location so that there is no need for additional outsourced software solutions. It helps you manage everything from prospecting and member management to registration for events, plus easy communication to your organization’s total membership, or committees, and other groupings. This system is designed for flexibility. It adapts to fit your group’s current size and it seamlessly scales, adding further functionality as your organization grows. The integrated nature of DACDB allows for easy integration with your other back-office applications such as billing and payment collection. And there is so much more!

Your organization’s data is one of your most valuable assets. Let us show you how DACdb can help your organization become more streamlined and efficient.

Please give us a call with any questions at (833)-322-3248, or email our Sales and Support Team at


DACdb Mobile

DACdb Mobile

DACdb Mobile Website The DACdb mobile website has been specially designed to run on a smartphone (iPhone, Androids, Blackberry, etc.). While it will run on a normal web browser on your iPad/tablet or PC, the experience has been tailored for smartphones. The DACdb...

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Clone ezStories to Save Time

Clone ezStories to Save Time

If you use ezBulletins (and so ezStories) to create your weekly newsletter you may be tempted to make some of the stores permanent and simply update them each week. That SOUNDS like a great idea and a real time saver BUT… there’s ALWAYS a BUT… if you simply edit an...

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Spring Cleaning – DCO Tasks

Spring Cleaning – DCO Tasks

Contributed by Terry Weaver With DG Elections behind us and the DGEs getting their 2021-22 teams finalized, there are a lot of moving parts in DACdb that need attention. Some near-term DCO tasks are listed below. It is urgent that these tasks are completed so...

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Spring Cleaning – Club Tasks

Spring Cleaning – Club Tasks

Inspired by: Terry Weaver Club secretaries should perform the following tasks to properly identify club officers in DACdb and generally keep DACdb up to date. Add and identify the person newly named to the President train (Nominee-Designate (PND), Nominee (PN), or...

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Did You Know? You have probably found that DACdb is an incredibly robust Membership Management platform. And we always appreciate your feedback to us for continuous improvements to the DACdb system. Without your input, we could not have a system that is built for...

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What can DACdb do?

Club/District Management

Get real time information about your club/district and members. Connects instantly to RI using our RI “Direct Connect” tool.


Weekly Attendance and Member Engagement. Project Tracking, track/report Attendance Online!, volunteer hours reporting,

Mass Email (pMail)

Improve District and Club communication using DACdb’s PMail, PText. Easily send personalized text messages to your whole organization or selected clubs or committees. Handy if there is a last-minute change to a meeting or event.


Access DACdb information on the go, using our new mobile application. Your club or district directory at your fingertips, on your Smartphone: in your browser.

EZ Bulletin

Professional club and/or district bulletins/newsletters can now be created with ease, in a matter of minutes using information from DACdb and our templates. (Completely rebuilt from the ground up.)


Club  or District DUES, with detailed invoicing, in 8-10 mouse clicks. Custom chart of accounts, member invoices and statements (delivered via PMail), Aging Summary, P&L, I&E, and many more features and reports.

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