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We updated our data security policies and practices.

In today’s world security should be a high priority for each of us. DACdb recently improved its data security model to comply with two very stringent standards:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), required by the European Union (EU)
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), required by California

These two regulations establish business practices that enhance the security of your personal information.

If you are sleep deprived, please do find these on the Internet and read them.

Most of us use our personal information frequently: when we make purchases on the Internet, when we sign up for events, when we send email, when we use online banking, when we renew vehicle registration, file tax returns, and in many other ways.

The businesses that receive our personal information have an obligation to protect that information and to only use it for the purpose we intended. Business entities are bound by the above security regulations to do so. But WE also have responsibilities where data security is concerned. If your computer is susceptible to compromise and if you are a club or district officer, then your computer becomes a conduit through which your club or district members’ personal information can be exposed to the dark web (where this information can be sold and bought).

Now that DACdb has improved how it protects your privacy, won’t you do your part by maintaining a safe computing environment?

How can you help?

  • Never turn off firewalls
    • Your gateway router has a firewall built into it; please leave it activated.
    • Your operating system has a firewall built into it; please leave it enabled.
  • Do not use WiFi that doesn’t require a password to join.
    • Open WiFi means that the information you enter is sent in such a way that someone could intercept it and read it.
    • VPN apps are available for most devices that can provide protection in those instances where an open WiFi connection is unavoidable.
  • Install and maintain quality anti-virus software.
  • Use strong passwords and change them frequently (change at least every 3 months).
    • Strong passwords are at least 8 characters long (can be longer).
    • Include numerals and punctuation.
      • CAN be a pass “phrase”, for example “2. Is it fair?”
    • Don’t open email that you did not expect to receive.
      • EVEN email from someone you know may not be from them at all.
    • Apply all operating system security updates. As vulnerabilities in your computer’s operating system are discovered, updates are released to address them.

We thank you for using DACdb and hope that our attention to the security of your personal information brings you some assurance that our products are built to provide you an exceptional level of both service and security.