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 Reconciling July 1 Starting Membership Counts between DACdb and Rotary International (Level 8 Administrators)

DACdb is, for most clubs and Districts, the most readily available source of membership data and membership gain/loss by club.  It’s important, therefore, that the starting membership counts (6/30) in DACdb are exactly matched with those in RI (7/1).  A new DACdb utility makes this easy for DCOs or District Administrators to accomplish this.

  1. Start by pulling a District Growth report from Rotary Club Central in Excel format.
  2. Highlight the sheet and Uncheck “Merge Cells.”
Club ID Club Name Member Count @ 1 July
  1. Delete rows 1 and 2, and delete all columns except Club ID, Club Name and Member Count @ 1 July.
  2. Open the Clubs Tab in DACdb and observe the Satellite Clubs.  Those will not be represented on the District Growth report (they’re included in the parent club counts) and need to be added as lines, with Club ID and Club Name.
  3. Determine the July 1 start counts for the Satellites, enter those and reduce the parent club counts accordingly.  When complete, the District Total in your spreadsheet should be the same as the original District Growth report.
ClubID ClubName YrStart
  1. RENAME the columns as ClubID, ClubName and YrStart (no spaces in column names):
  2. Save the file in .CSV format.
  3. In DACdb, click on the top right corner and select “Utility.”
  4. Choose Import Functions from the Level 8 Functions section
  5. Choose Import Club Size.  Your CSV file will already be formatted as specified.
  6. Browse to the file, then click “Import CSV.”
    There are NO error correction functions in this utility.  If your CSV file is not in exactly the specified format the utility will fail.  If that happens, carefully examine your CSV file format and data, correct, and try again.
  7. When complete, your June 30 start figures in DACdb will exactly match your July 1 start figures from RI and your Net Member Change graph on the District Statistics page will be 100% correct.

HINT:  DO NOT use the District Dashboard page for membership data.  The source of that data is monthly reporting by the clubs and is both outdated and fraught with human error.  The membership data in District Statistics come directly from TODAY’s active membership counts in DACdb.  Look for the Net Member Change widget.