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Membership Directory- Setting Limits

Membership Directory – Setting Limits Times are changing and clubs face an increasing obligation to protect the privacy of their members, to set limits to who may access their membership directory. While there are doubters who say privacy is no more, Rotary clubs and...

How CRM and the New Member Form Work Seamlessly for On Boarding

How the CRM and the New Member Form Work Seamlessly to Onboard New Members The New Member Form is an essential tool for Proposed and Potential New Members and can be instantly sent via PMail with an automatic link to the form. People who have been approved by the club...

PMail: Personalize & Save

PMail- Personalize and Save Wouldn’t it be great if you could create your own personalized PMail signature for all of your outgoing messages? Save some time and create your personalized signature now! Once you login to DACdb, click on the PMail icon. Create whatever...

Don’t Let the Rotary New Year Catch You By Surprise

Don’t let the Rotary new year catch you by surprise. Start off 2018/2019 correctly. Keep your new members, termed members and existing members up-to-date. Maintain a monthly task to update your leadership committees and member records on DACdb. Use the Compare...