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The moment has come … You are wearing the District Governor mantle. The years of advance training and preparation for this leadership role are finally being put into practice. You’ve set goals, shared our thoughts with your club presidents during PETS and now you begin your club visits throughout the district. All is well! Only maybe not.

As you meet with Rotarians in the trenches, at their weekly meetings, social events and service projects, if you are hearing things like “where do I find X?” or “who can tell me how to?” or “when is the application due?”, then you may want to take a closer look at your District Leadership Team. Is it complete? If so, are all the roles reflected in DACdb so that club leaders can easily find additional help at the district level?

What does this have to do with DACdb you might ask? Well, there are several resources that the District Leadership Team affects. There’s the basic visual of who is in leadership:

Then there are committee lists that are available to Rotarians throughout the district as well as club and district leaders:

For example, this district has all the subcommittees related to The Rotary Foundation grouped together so that Rotarians may easily located leadership resources for their area of concern:

And as one’s security level rises, the ability to use PMail to communicate with specific audiences becomes more significant. Having the right people associated with the District Leadership Team allows those on the DLT to use PMail more efficiently. Whether you are on the District Leadership Team or looking for support from members of the DLT, it is a ready resource within DACdb.