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Looking to Strengthen & Grow Your Rotary Club?

“CRM” or “Customer Relationship Management”.  Yes, your club has customers.  We usually call them Members or Rotarians.  They vote with their wallets to join and they vote with their feet to leave.  And, like commercial customers, it’s all about the experience we provide, both before and after joining Rotary.   

Rotary is a membership organization that does community service, not the other way around.  The value proposition is in the members that become part of your personal and business network. 

As such, there’s no higher priority in a Rotary club than attracting and retaining members, growing the club steadily and moderately.  The DACdb CRM module is your best available tool for identifying and tracking potential members. 

The DACdb CRM module is FREE – a new part of the base DACdb platform.  To turn it on:

  1. Go to the My Club tab in the new interface.
  2. Click the cog wheel configuration icon at the top right.
  3. When the Setup pane opens, find CRM in the Available Icons section at the bottom.
  4. Drag it up into the Icons Displayed section.
  5. Click Set My Configuration and you’ll be back on the My Club tab and you’ll see the CRM icon somewhere on the page. Drag & drop the icon to where you like it.

Then, play this 25-minute guided tour video:

This feature allows you to:

  • Enter new potential members into DACdb.
  • Identify the “live prospects” your club is following.
  • Identify their level of interest and progress through the decision-making process (sometimes called your “pipeline” of qualified prospects.)
  • Log conversations “touches” or notes to keep track of their interest or concerns.
  • Create follow-up reminders for yourself or others.
  • Ultimately, convert more potential members into Rotarians.


Managed Prospects Page: capture, track and manage your potential members.

My Tasks: Stay on top of your prospect management and keep track of your progress.

CRM Pipeline Status: gives a real-time, accurate account & timeline of where the potential member is at in their decision.

CRM is a “systems solution” to ensure 100% follow-up on each potential Rotarian introduced by our members.  It’s critically important that we don’t “forget” about a prospect, because they don’t all decide to join Rotary when they first hear about it.  Some will wait a month, a quarter or a year — or more.  In the meantime, we need to keep Rotary on their mind with an intentional follow-up strategy. 

Understanding the 10-3-1 Rule 

The 10-3-1 Rule came from a study done by Northwestern Mutual Life over 50 years ago, and holds true today.  It also holds true for attracting new members to Rotary.  It takes 10 qualified leads (not strangers – people who are qualified to join Rotary that Rotarians know) to find 3 interested prospects, ONE of whom will become a member.  That’s a lot of people to keep track of!   

DACdb’s CRM provides the platform capturing contact information on the 10, then following up on the 3 until one of them joins Rotary.  It avoids losing track of the 3 prospects, any one of whom could be the person who joins.

Here’s another article on keeping those prospects warm with a regular email update from your club:

Give DACdb CRM a try – you’ll find that using an intentional, rather than accidental strategy for keeping track of potentially-interested Rotarians is well worth your time (and costs no money.)  We can help those prospects make a good decision that will change their lives.