DACdb was started in 2003 by the late PDG Mike Thacker. He wanted to give his District the ability during his year as District Governor to manage their membership themselves. At the time, Rotary International offered no such viable option. Very shortly thereafter Mark Landmann, a Senior Developer came along to help develop the system. The rest is history as they say.

As an official Rotary International Licensee, DACdb takes care of your member management and helps you focus on your goals and service to your community. DACdb also helps districts and clubs around the world improve member communication and community outreach. Less time / less stress is the key to your Rotary success! With support working 7 days a week, we have you covered.

Our Annual User Conference

We Listened, We Developed and We Trained

Our Team

Mark Landmann

E-Club of the Southwest

Jeff Brauer
Senior Developer
Heather Brandt
Director of Finance Training
PDG Chris Jones
Vice-President of Marketing and New Business
Rotary Club of Cabarrus County
Lin Kelly
Customer Support Manager

Rotary Club of South Brunswick Island

PDG Ken Dresser

Rotary Club of South Brunswick Island

Donna Mercier
Customer Support Manger

Rotary Club of Longmont Twin Peaks

Rachelle Langley
Customer Support

Rotary Club of Sand Springs

DGD Michael Soden
Vice-President of Marketing

Rotary Club of Green Valley (Henderson)

Wayne Yada
Finance Training

Rotary Club of Visalia

DACdb has grown since 2003!

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