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Not just your typical Membership Database Software!

Experience the perfect solution designed by Rotarians for Rotary Organizations…Clubs, Districts, Zones, Rotaract, Rotary Action Groups (RAGS) Fellowships, RYLA, RLI & More.

We offer flexibility, enhanced functionality, and budget-friendly extensions.

Built by Rotarians, for Rotarians

DACdb, LLC. is the premier software database system for Rotary Districts and Clubs. Our mission is to provide you with an exceptional solution that offers unparalleled flexibility, advanced functionality, and affordable extensions tailored to meet the unique needs of your Rotary organization. As fellow Rotarians, we deeply understand the critical importance of efficient membership management. That’s why DACdb was established in 2003 by the late PDG Mike Thacker—a visionary who recognized the pressing need for districts to have the power to manage their membership, a viable option that Rotary International did not provide at the time. Shortly thereafter, Mark Landmann, an esteemed Senior Developer, joined forces to help build and refine the system, and the rest is history.

As an official Rotary International Licensee, DACdb is fully committed to handling all aspects of member management, allowing you to dedicate your time and energy to your goals and community service. Our robust platform empowers districts and clubs worldwide to enhance member communication and strengthen community outreach. By utilizing DACdb, you unlock the secret to Rotary success—a seamless experience that saves you time and eliminates unnecessary stress. Moreover, our highly responsive support team is available seven days a week, ensuring that you enjoy the utmost peace of mind and uninterrupted service. Trust DACdb to streamline your Rotary operations and propel your organization to new heights of achievement!

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Rotary Club of Cabarrus County

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Director of Finance Training
Lin Kelly
Customer Support Manager

Rotary Club of South Brunswick Island

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Techincal Customer support

Rotary Club of South Brunswick Island

Barbara Dresser

Rotary Club of South Brunswick Islands

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Customer Support

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Donna Mercier
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Rotary Club of Longmont Twin Peaks

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Director of Image and Engagement

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Wayne Yada
Finance Training

Rotary Club of Visalia

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