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Not just your typical Membership Database Software!

Experience the perfect solution designed by Rotarians for Rotary Organizations…Clubs, Districts, Zones, Rotaract, Rotary Action Groups (RAGS) Fellowships, RYLA, RLI & More.

We offer flexibility, enhanced functionality, and budget-friendly extensions.

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Easy and Beautiful

The modern, responsive design allows the website to look and function optimally across multiple platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop). They can very easily be configured in many different ways with just a few clicks – no knowledge of coding or website building is necessary! There are numerous highly-configurable designs to choose from.


Further Information

Easy and Beautiful websites are all modern, responsive design sites – meaning they ‘respond’ to the screen size of the viewer – so they’ll look great on mobile and tablet devices as well as on desktops.

The Easy and Beautiful management interface makes updating your website as easy as point-and-click or drag-and-drop. No coding knowledge is necessary!

Our Easy and Beautiful websites dynamically pull information directly from the DACdb system so your website is never out of date. We offer numerous templates that can quickly get your website up and running.

DACdb websites are fully integrated with DACdb. When you make a change to club or member information in DACdb, it is immediately displayed on your website (which reduces redundant maintenance for the website). Other changes made in the database, such as calendar events, club leadership or committee chairs are also updated on your website using our links and widgets. In addition, any published user content updated in DACdb (stories, bulletins, etc.) is automatically pushed to the website. This approach of using DACdb for updating your website lets you become a web editor of the content, without having to actually maintain the website itself.

To get started, view the templates on this page by clicking on their image or title.

Click the CREATE SITE button next to the template you’d like to use. Your club’s new website will be created by our staff who will contact you afterward – and you can try it out for 30-days with no obligation.

Want to see what one of the other designs looks like? Create another one! From this page you can create multiple websites and compare and contrast them – picking the right one for your club – all FREE for 30-days!

When you’re ready to PURCHASE one of the websites, just reply to our email and include the word “PURCHASE”. You still don’t have to pay anything immediately – we’ll invoice your club later.

We also offer a domain name management service for websites that DACdb hosts:
Yearly – For $35/year (per domain name) we will register/transfer/manage your domain name. We do all the work so you don’t have to!
5 Years – For $150/5 years (per domain name) we register/transfer/manage your domain name. Same benefits as above, but save a whole year’s worth of service!

See our website for great bundled SAVINGS!

IMPORTANT: By starting a trial DACdb website and/or purchasing a DACdb website or plugin, you are agreeing that you have fully communicated with all club/district members that member, club, district and zone data may be viewable on the public internet via this website or plugin. The webmaster(s) and/or club/district leadership are responsible for communicating to your entire membership all changes to the website that change the member data available on the website.

Upgrade your old website to a new, modern, easy-to-manage Easy and Beautiful website today!

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Phone: (833)-DACdb4U or (833)-322-3248

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