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New Member Committee

From our recent Quarterly DCO Meeting we got the following great suggestion.

Many times districts would like to know who the new members are for the current Rotary year. We can facilitate that with a simple set-up and a minor additional item when we on-board a new member.

First the setup part. Someone in District Administration can click on the “Admin” tab and the on “Club Positions”:

Then ADD the Club Position “New Member” and use the RoleKey “NM” and click the “Add” button again:

Now, any club officer can assign the position “New Member” to those members new in this Rotary year, create a New Members committee (at the club or district level) and by looking at the New Members committee immediately be able to see and PMail all New Members.

Then DO remember to hit the ADD button at the top:

Now, create a new District Committee, I’ll call mine “New Members” and use the RoleKey “NM”

Click on Rebuild

Then when you click on that committee in the District Committees list you’ll see all new members of the district in one list:

To make certain the committee list is accurate, you should click on Edit and then Rebuild the committee to add newly declared New Members to the list.