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Time to get ready!

There are still a couple of months before we promote things into the next Rotary year! Just know that on that magical day, June 30, at about 6 PM US Mountain Time, we will take DACdb offline while we promote Presidents-elect to Presidents, Governors-elect to Governors, etc. DO NOT promote people yourself unless after July 2 or so you notice that our promotion didn’t work. You might want to make yourself knowledgeable on how to set up President-Nominee in DACdb so that they will automatically move to President-elect, President, immediate Past President and then Past President without further action from you… I’m talkin’ to YOU club Secretaries!


It is highly recommended that you watch the video How to Enter Club Positions

Once logged in to DACdb, click on My Club then, scroll down on the left navigation column to Admin Functions and select Edit Club Positions.

A new screen opens where you will see is an edit pencil in front of each member.  Click on the pencil of the first individual you need to edit, and it will open to their information.

When you click on the pencil, the Club Position Admin page opens for that individual:

Now very important, you can only have one org year on a line, but you can have multiple positions in the same org year.  If an individual is going to repeat their position from the year before, you can simply clone the last position.  If they are going to have a new position, then you will click on the Add button.

Check the start date and end dates are correct; then select the grey “Add” button next to the position field:

In this example, this individual will hold three positions; put a check mark in all three and click on save on the bottom of the box.

Now click on Add:

You can then close the pop-up box and move on to the next individual.  Once you have added all your positions and if you have RI Integration turned on, it is good to check your Club Officer Compare to make sure the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Foundation Chair and Club Executive Secretary (if applicable) rolled up to RI.

Click on My Club, then the RI Compare Icon:

On the left-hand menu click on Club Officer Compare:

Now you can review the results.

The left and right sides should match.  (For privacy reasons, the names are scrambled in the example below):

However, if there are errors, pink arrows will show up in between the Rotary and DACdb listings, and then you can move information from the left to right or right to left, depending on the error.

Leader, Security or Sort Order Wrong

If when you return to the Club Members page the club leadership is either not in the right order or includes the wrong people, you can override the default settings. In the District Default Role popup, the default security level and sort order numeric values display in brackets to the right of the role.

Return to Edit Club Positions and select to Edit the appropriate individual:

Change the values in the Leader, S-Lvl and/or Sort columns accordingly and Update to apply the change.

Return to the Club Members page and check to be sure the new values have the desired results. Repeat, if needed.