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It’s time to have a look at your club officers for 2019-20 and make sure they’re all identified in DACdb.   Why is this important?

First, to ensure your club’s leadership is on deck and working on plans for success next year and in years to come.  That’s why your club bylaws require electing officers in December for the coming year — at a minimum, a president, president-elect, secretary and treasurer.   New members of the Board of Directors should be elected at the same time.

That means they should all be known by now, but are they known to the club, each other and to Rotary International?  That brings up reason number two – their security access in is dependent on being identified there, as well.  Otherwise the treasurer can’t get the dues invoice, the president can’t enter goals, the foundation chair can’t get reports and the secretary can’t add or terminate members.

NOW is the time to ensure these are all locked and loaded for 2019-20.

How can you be sure?  Use Club Officer Compare in DACdb.  To use this handy tool, start on the “My Club” tab, Club Members page, click on RI Integration on the left-hand navigator and choose “Club Officer Compare“.

For the current and future years, Club Officers in RI are listed on the left and Club Officers in DACdb are listed on the right.  Use the pink << and >> arrows to propagate a name one direction or the other, or to fix a disparity.

If your Club Officers are not correct in DACdb, click the “My Club” tab, then “Admin Functions” and “Edit Club Positions“.  The “Positions” tab is where you edit or enter club positions, member by member.

NOTE that in DACdb, you enter positions as “Elects” in the current year, not in the year they’ll serve.  So, you need a president-elect, a president nominee (the PE’s successor), a secretary-elect and a treasurer-elect identified for the current year (2018-19).  Those roll over into office automatically on July 1.

DACdb Club Officer Compare automates the matching of those “elects” with their year of service in My Rotary.   It’s your one-stop shop to get everything aligned.  If you have trouble, contact your District Communication Officer (DCO), District Secretary or District Administrator for help.  As always, the Club Positions help topic, under the Club folder on the Help page has more information

Are Your Club Officers Set for 2019-20