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If you use ezBulletins (and so ezStories) to create your weekly newsletter you may be tempted to make some of the stores permanent and simply update them each week.

That SOUNDS like a great idea and a real time saver BUT… there’s ALWAYS a BUT… if you simply edit an existing story and link it into your THIS week newsletter, it will eliminate the ability to view the original story in LAST week’s newsletter.

How can you still save time but retain the historical content of the story? Well, there is a way to do that.

Icons mean things and those icons beside Story names can really help you. This one allows you to clone a story:

Once you’ve clicked on this Icon a clone is produced:

Having a clone allows you to “add to” the top of the story and then link to the clone in your THIS week newsletter while maintaining the historical content of the story.

When you create an ezStory a unique ID is created. When that story is linked in your ezBulletin it is this ID that is referenced in the link. When you clone a story the clone receives it’s own unique ID number.

“Old” story:

Cloned story:

SO, the next time you want to simply “add” to an existing story, remember to clone it FIRST so you don’t lose the historical content of the story.