How do you manage your meetings and role duties? Do you feel they are organized, seamless, easy to delegate? If you are not keeping track of your reoccurring meeting assignments, let’s get you on track.

DACdb Club Assignments is a No-Cost way to Manage Club Meetings

DACdb assignment module enables clubs to track and plan out the assignments (roles) needed at future club meetings. Just drag and drop club members (Greeter, Sergeant-At-Arms, Invocation) into their assigned roles for each weekly meeting.

We’ve got some enhancements to the module that make it even more accessible.

Until this release, the assignment module was only available for club meetings. What if you have to track various roles for a committee meeting or track roles for your committee meetings?

If you have a special event, you can track an entirely different set of roles.

The Club Meeting Group

Above the list of members, you will notice a new drop-down select box. At first, this will display as Club Meeting. All your meetings to date have been classified into one group, which is the club meeting group.

Adding a New Assignment Group

Click on Add Meeting. You will see a new field labeled Assignment Group.

By default, the group will default to the current assignment group you are working with. Add the name of the meeting, select your other parameters and click save.

If you entered Club Meeting, more meetings in the group Club Meeting will be created. If you entered a new Assignment Group, i.e. Courtesy Committee, then your meetings will be created under that group.

Go back to the Assignment list, select the Assignment Group drop-down, you will see both Club Meeting and Courtesy Committee listed. You can toggle between these two groups using the drop-down.


The Clear button will clear all the meetings in the Assignment Group selected. It will not clear all the meetings across all groups, only the group you are in. If you need a total reset across all assignment groups. You will need to individually select each group and clear it.


PMail works the same as it has in the past. You can PMail all members of the club or members with assignments within each Assignment Group.