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Engagement Meal Codes

Your club resolved to modernize…go digital…reduce the paperwork for your volunteers to better use their time in other ways. One of the components of these improvements to how your club functions includes using the Engagement module in conjunction with the Finance module. And now it matters a great deal that the folks staffing the guest table pick the right meal codes as they check-in members and guests.

Meal codes, what’s that you may ask? Yep, meal codes can be pivotal. We recommend you develop a guide for your volunteers that clarifies what the meal codes you choose to use mean and how they should be applied. These definitions may vary slightly from club to club. It is important to understand the impact a meal code in Engagement is going to have as it relates to the Finance module.

Currently, these are your options. You do not have to use them all but rather just the ones that fit your club’s procedures:

For example, Club Paid Meal would normally be used for the guest speaker. Maybe Guest Meal Paid at Door is selected beside the guest’s name so that the host is not charged for his/her guest. Whereas, Guest Meal beside the same guest’s name would mean the host will be billed for his/her guest’s meal with the next invoicing cycle.

Getting the right code entered in Engagement can be helpful to the club treasurer, especially for clubs that bill members quarterly for meals consumed in the previous quarter. In this instance, no meal code needs to be entered in Engagement when the member attends. The system default will reflect each meeting in Finance for which the member was marked present. Then the treasurer can invoice for those meals consumed. If you use both premium modules—Finance and Engagement, we encourage you to reach out to our amazing DACdb Finance support team ( and allow them to assist you with setting up your meal related Charge Items in Finance

It is also possible to use the meal code option in Engagement without also using the Finance module. You may want to set up your guest table volunteers to be able to check-in Rotarians and their guests with an active connection to DACdb. So that your cash box collection matches with your attendance records, guest table volunteers can select the appropriate meal code option beside each individual present. Again, the definition of each meal code phrase is up to the club.


Whether used in conjunction with Finance or solo, the meal code option in Engagement provides one more avenue for reducing the weekly meeting paperwork.