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If your District is using the DACdb Grants Module, then it can be a painless experience to apply for a District Grant.

Looking for new ways to contribute time and effort? By using the Grants module, Districts can gain access to all the projects that the clubs are working on, and perhaps spark interest on new and exciting projects that other clubs have successfully completed in their area.

Your history of projects completed can easily be showcased and celebrated.

Here’s how to apply for a District Grant.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Click on the District Tab
  2. Click on the Grants Icon
  3. Click on Admin on the left
  4. Click on Club Signatures

Your District will advise how many signatures you need on a grant.  Select the individuals on the left and move them over to the right.  Remember to Save!

  1. Click on Club Grants View on the Left
  2. Click on New Club Grant Request – Click Here to Create Grant

Your grant application will now open.

There are 4 tabs to complete:

Once you have filled out each tab and save, you will then have a “Draft” grant.  You will have two additional tabs appear:  Budget & Documents.

This is where you will request your District Funds and store your backup documents.  After you complete these two tabs you are ready to submit it to the District for Approval.

The District can now review all the grants and expedite the distribution of funds.

The great thing about this program is now the District has the applications from the clubs all in one place and you can see what projects other clubs are doing. A comprehensive history of your projects are displayed and can be easily showcased to the community!