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Is it too much trouble to track down your club webmaster to get any changes made to your existing website? Having a hard time keeping track of your web registrar and your web hosting service?

Keep it simple, keep it in one place and take control your website. Let’s show you just how easy it is to get a new and modern website for your club.

Create an Effective and Easy Website

It’s important to have numerous club members know and understand how to maintain your club’s website. An Easy and Beautiful Website can be managed by multiple designated club officers, eliminating the worry that only one member knows how to maintain your site.

Your Rotary Club can create a website that is appealing to your audience, easy to navigate and even easier to maintain and keep up-to-date, as DACdb Easy and Beautiful Websites are fully integrated with DACdb.

You can create a trial site in minutes & show your club how awesome and fresh the design is. No time to manage your website? All the information on your website automatically pulls from DACdb- just make your design edits and blink- it’s done! No programming knowledge? Our templates allow for easy point & click and drag & drop editing- you do not need any HTML experience to keep your site running!

How to order:

  1. My Club > Club Websites

*Remember that in order to trial a site, you must hold a level 3+ WITH a webmaster club position or a level 4+.

  1. Pick out the most appealing template for your club specifically. We have a series of templates that have been created to suit your club perfectly.
  2. Provide your club information.
  3. Build your trial site and receive your site address immediately.

Now that you have ordered your site, you may proceed for free for 30 days, or go back into the club websites page and click the purchase button. You will be invoiced at a later date.

Easy & Beautiful Admin Page

After your order, you’ll be sent an Easy & Beautiful admin page, where you login with your DACdb credentials.

How to create your own, customized website:

Let’s look at how easy it is to integrate into club information into your website. All of your editable content will be available to you from the left navigation side of your screen.

*Step-by-step instructions, along with detailed descriptions for editing all things on your website can be found on the DACdb Help tab> Easy and Beautiful v6.


To update the header of your site, choose a header type, a color, and image.


It’s super-fast and simple to add a crucial part of your website: your club or district calendar! A few simple steps and it loads to your site directly from DACdb. Click on the Menu Top Bar on the left navigation. To add the calendar to your main menu, expand the Add Default Link and select Calendar, click submit and you can preview your update instantly.


Customize your committees by list or display a particular committee. Click on the Menu Top Bar on the left navigation. To add the calendar to your main menu, expand the Add Default Link and select Committees. You may customize the committees in a variety of ways, depending on what works for your club or district. Display committee by ID, or by District RoleKeys.

Customize website widgets:

Custom widgets can display information defined by you! Choose from our pre-defined widgets or create your own. Select the Widget Settings from the left navigation. If you want to make changes to the existing widgets available to you, just edit the text field, i.e. changing the Weekly Bulletin Title to Monthly Bulletin.