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DACdb is working to become the “bridge” between the RI Member Database and Satellite Clubs.  As you know, a Satellite Club’s members are seen as members of the Parent Club on Rotary’s books, yet a Satellite club can greatly benefit by having its own identity in DACdb.  That means it has its own PMail distribution, its own calendar, officers, etc.

Of course, when Satellite member contact information is updated, it flows automatically from DACdb to RI as if the Satellite member were a member of the Parent club – seamless, as far as RI is concerned.

If you’re starting up a Satellite, take advantage of help from your District Communication Officer (DCO) and be sure to read “Adding a Satellite Club in DACdb” —

Club Chairs in District Committees

A Satellite club has a Chair, rather than a President, and likewise a Chair Elect.  Some Districts treat Satellite chairs as if they were Presidents for the purpose of District Communications, Pre-PETS, PETS, etc., yet until now Satellite chairs were not part of the Presidents or Presidents-Elect Committees.

If you wish for Satellite chairs to be treated as part of the Presidents Committee in DACdb, use the Role Key “C” for the Satellite Chair position.  Of course, you could also, if you wish, have a Role Key Committee for only Satellite Chairs, using the “C” Role Key.

Likewise, Chairs-Elect (Role Key “CE”) and Chairs-Nominee (“CN”) will roll up into the Presidents-Elect and Presidents-Nominee Committees.  To make this change for your District, just open the Admin tab and edit the Role Keys for these three positions.  NOTE:  You may also need to open the Club Position page for each of the Satellite chairs and re-save it for the new role keys to take effect. Your DCO (DACdb administrator for your district) will also have to add these role keys to the Committee Position table before they can be used.

If you don’t want Satellite Club Chairs to be part of the Presidents Committee, simply use any other Role Keys for Chair, Chair-Elect or Chair Nominee – those Role Keys can be rolled up to a Satellite Chair, Chair-Elect or Chair Nominee Committee using that alternate Role Key.

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