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What’s the Difference?

There is one instance where you may use the new member form for a member who is transferring from a club. The old club is not in the DACdb system. Otherwise use the Member Transfer function in DACdb.

Make sure they provide their RI ID number on the new member form.

There is a Member Transfer function in DACdb. From the My Club tab scroll down to Admin Functions and click on Member Transfer.

Type in the name of the member transferring clubs and click on “Search”.

Verify the member’s former club and District

Click Add and they are automatically added to your club.

The member must be terminated in the former club (unless they are a Rotaractor) before they can be added to another club. RI does not allow a person to be an Active member in more than one club. A person can be an Honorary member in multiple clubs.

If the member is transferring from a club that isn’t in the DACdb system, then you have three choices.

  • Use the Add New Member function on the My Club tab being sure you have their RI ID number.
  • Send them the New Member Form – make sure you have their ID
  • Access My Rotary at and search for them either by ID number or their name and then adding them to your club while in RI. If you use this method, then you can add them to DACdb using RI Integration and Member Compare.