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Contributed by Terry Weaver

With DG Elections behind us and the DGEs getting their 2021-22 teams finalized, there are a lot of moving parts in DACdb that need attention. Some near-term DCO tasks are listed below. It is urgent that these tasks are completed so communication with these important District team members can occur.

  1. Add and identify the DGND as such in the DLT (District Leadership Team) Committee for 2020-21 (current year)
  2. Add and Identify the following in the DLT for 2021-22 (next year) – NOTE: the DLT assignments for DG in their respective years are what populate the COG Committee by year served, automatically. After adding to the DLT, you need to EDIT each person, identifying them with their Role Key.

Also NOTE: These designations drive Zone Committee Rollups and District Positions on the Zone Website. Role Keys must be exactly those listed (e.g. “DFC” doesn’t work)

DG (2021-22)
DGE (2021-22) serving 2022-23
DGN (2021-22) serving 2023-24
DCO District Communication Officer
DRFC District Rotary Foundation Chair
DPIC District Public Image/PR Chair
DMC District Membership Chair

  1. Add and Identify the following in the DLT for 2022-23
    DGE (2022-23)
    Plus any known repeating chairs
  2. Add and Identify the DG for 2023-24 in the DLT for 2023-24
  3. Set up or Clone District Committees for 2021-22 and ID Committee Chairs within (in addition to adding and identifying major Chairs listed above in DLT)
  4. Ensure that Areas are set up for 2021-22 – AGs assigned and identified as AG in each Area
  5. Set up and populate an Assistant Governors Committee (in addition to the Areas setup above)

Finally – This is a good time to confirm the website links listed in DACdb for the clubs within your district are current. Clubs change their domain names and may not have updated this item in Edit Club.