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Improving the grants process by adding more club types

A new setup tab was added that will allow the district to configure satellite, proposed, clubs to be part of the grant process.  The system wide default is what is shown below. Districts can change it if needed.

 One More Reason to Love DACdb Finance

You asked and we provided! We have added a previous balances section to invoices. Typically, invoices only show a current balance amount; however, many clubs have requested to display the prior balance amounts, as it seems to simplify the invoicing process.

Eliminate the need to send separate statements to members with a previous balance. No need to remove names from your invoice PMail!

New templates are available on the Finance module setup link for you to select, which include a Previous Balance tag on the invoice.

These templates will total the invoice, show the previous balance and display the grand total.

Include your AG on important PMail Messages

If you go to MyClub Setup – there is a new field under PMail that allows you to check the AG (or Exec AG or Other level 5 users) to be included in Pmail.

When you select My Club PMail, the pop up will show a similar option.

The club default will be checked (or not), and can be unchecked if your message is not necessary for the AG to see.

Events and Auto Cancel

Auto cancel is now working and will cancel (not delete) any registration with an amount due (> 0.00) if not paid within the number of days specified.  Be careful setting the number of days  too low if checks are being accepted.

Club Numbers and Rotaract

Due to the way Rotary is assigning club numbers to Rotaract clubs, it is possible that an “Active” club in one district now can have the same number as a Rotaract club in another district.  To accommodate this, DACdb is working through program changes to accommodate this duplication.   Where possible, we will use the same number for the club id which is the number you are all most familiar with.