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Public Messages Received

Have you ever received a solicitation message and wondered how the person might have gotten your email address?  Many of you have, but the answer might be – they did not get your email address, they simply clicked on the blind-sided email link on your website.

When DACdb displays club officers and/or club members on one of our websites, the email link that is displayed does not contain your email address.  It is an internal link that we can associate your real email to you so that when a person clicks on it, composes a message and sends it to you, you will get it without exposing your email address to them.

When you receive the message, you should notice at the top of the message:

This message came from a PUBLIC LINK on your website from a visitor at IP=111.222.333.444. Your email address was not exposed.

This is our way of saying this came from your website via the blind-sided emailer.