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For DACdb Level 7’s (lvl-7): Check out a preview of our new subscription center- made just for you! Get a sneak peak of this new module that is currently in the works!

The DACdb Subscription Center will be a one stop location for viewing and managing your DACdb subscriptions.  Eventually, all DACdb modules will be migrated to this page for easy access to all of your club or district subscription information.

Take a look at whats to come:

The subscription center will help club secretaries and leaders at the club and district level determine which modules they currently own and which are available.  They will be able to view pricing and invoice information by clicking on the subscription, and would be able to purchase subscriptions by credit card.  This will help immensely with budgeting and planning and getting an overall view of current and potential resources for helping their club’s important work.

Club and District leaders will see a shopping cart next to their name.  You would simply click the cart to open and close the Subscription Center viewer. A red flag will indicate when a purchase or renewal is pending or if there are any items in the shopping cart.

Custom display options will be available to gather your subscription information by club or district.

At this time, the subscription center is available to DACdb level 7 users (lvl-7) and are able to preview the module, not actually make a purchase. We hope you like it!