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Entering Makeups- It’s Easier on DACdb

Enter a Makeup in DACdb

Once you have logged onto DACdb, go to the My Data tab and then click on Enter Makeup.  If there are no meal adjustments just leave it as None.

Enter the date of the makeup and the venue and click Submit.  You will then receive confirmation of your makeup.

Enter your Makeup using your Phone

You can also enter a personal makeup using the DACdb mobile app (https// Enter your DACdb username and password. Your club number is only needed if you are a security level 5 or above.

Enter a Make-Up for More Than One Member

The picture below shows how to enter a makeup for yourself. If you click the ON button under Select Member, a list of the club membership will appear and you can select any other members to be added to the Make-Up. Try it!

Check the names of those attending and the date of the makeup.  Then click submit.

Enter Members of a Committee for a Makeup

Once you have logged onto DACdb, go to My Club and select Club Committees. Select your committee and deselect those who did not attend. Click on Enter Makeups button. Enter the date and click on Submit.