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What is Rule of 85?

Rule of 85 is one of two types of excused absences that exempts a member from having to meet the attendance requirements.  The other is Leave of Absence (LOA), and these are explained below from an excerpt from the 2016 RI Manual of procedure (MOP).  This is taken from Article 12 – Attendance.

This is important information for clubs to know as it exempts members from having to meet the RI rules for attendance.

The other important part of this is tracking which members are eligible for the Rule of 85.  This can be done by going to the Club Reports on DACdb and scrolling down to report number 15.30 Rule of 85 Eligibility Report.  Make sure you are on the Club Reports page.

It is important to have all your member’s birth years entered.  It is important for calculating Rule of 85, but it is also important for calculating the age demographics of your club.  Birth year may be required in the near future when entering a new member into RI.